Alien Space Probe Crash Lands in East Los Angeles

Converted into Low Rider
Terror and speculation filled the citizens of Southern California yesterday as a satellite of unknown origin crashed into an abandoned apartment building in east Los Angeles. No one was injured. Local military bases reported no aircraft missing. NASA had stated that there were no satellites due to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Top military personnel and UFO experts from around the world were to gather to examine the object. Prior to inspecting the object the military refused to comment on its possible origin. Meanwhile, the UFO experts speculated that it did indeed come from another planet. But by the time they all arrived at the crash site, it had already been stripped of most of its parts and converted into a low rider, complete with hydraulic lifts and fuzzy dice. It was last seen being flown above Melrose Boulevard, with the military police in hot pursuit.

May the Force be with You?

Okay, so I admit I am a Star Wars fan. Come on; admit it; how many of you out there are fans also? Anyways, when it was announced not long ago there will be more Star Wars movies made in the coming months and years, it reminded me of a scene near the end of the movie “Return of the Jedi”, when Luke was fighting Darth Vader. During the fight, when Vader found out about Luke’s sister and said about turning her to the dark side of the force, it made me wonder. Up to that point in time, all the “Darths” seen in the movies had been male. So if Lord Vader had succeeded in turning Princess Leia to the dark side, what would she have been called, Darth or maybe Darthette? Would her name maybe have been Darthette Vamp? 😀