“Cat scratch fever..”

Um… We have a very bright sun here today. Some days I wish there was a way to turn down its brightness; like you do with a 3-way lamp. Especially when I forget to wear my sunglasses when I go outside. I thought I was seeing spots before my eyes, until I realized it was the neighbor’s dog. (Yeah, I know; another bad joke. I keep warning you they all can’t be gems. I’m not proud. 😀 )



I used to have a cat named Spottie. She was a long haired white cat with big black spots. In the winter she used to love going outside in the snow. The only way I knew where she was, was from the big black spots she had. You would see them moving in the snow. (Cue the theme music from “Jaws”.) Spottie would come inside to dry off; I would help the process by drying her with a towel. Then she’d go back outside and run around again. Then come back in to get towel dried again. And repeat once more. She loved that towel.
One town where I lived, the neighbors had 2 huge dogs. I think they would put saddles on the dogs and ride them whenever they had car problems. The dogs were afraid of the cat; she’d chase them all over the place.


Bear, Spottie’s sister

If I was late getting home from work, along with her sister and brother, the three of them would be standing at the door, with their front paws on their hips (if cats have hips), and a look on their faces that said “Where you been? We’re hungry; feed us!” And of course at night, me trying to sleep, I’d wake up to find one of them on my chest. They took turns every night sleeping on top of me.
Yes, I do agree with many of you. Cats are not our pets; we are theirs. We do not own them; they own us. But it is worth it.

bill the cat

Bill the Cat, Spottie’s little brother

Have a great weekend all! And enjoy your St. Paddy’s Day too. Just don’t try to dye your pets green. They will not like it; guaranteed.

Cooking with Edna

by Edna Schirkner
Today’s St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Irish Stew
“Irish stew? Heck, that’s easy. Where’s the whiskey? Brrraaapppppppppppp! Oops, ‘xcuse me. Never mind.”
Visit us next month when Edna will share her recipe for Irish Soda Bread.
“Wanna – brrrrrrrrpppppp! – bet!”

Sung to the Tune of…

Looking around the local stores lately I am reminded St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us soon. So, for all the Irish in us, I present my warped version of “My Wild Irish Rose”.. well, the chorus part anyways.. I figured it was silly enough as is.. maybe one day I will complete the song.. in the meantime, have fun!

sung to the tune of “My Wild Irish Rose”; the chorus part:
(with apologies to C. Olcott)
“My wild Irish Rose,
She tripped and stubbed her toes,
She fell on her face
But did it with such grace,
She’s my wild Irish Rose;”