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Tragedy at Kingshead Water Polo Tournament Held at Liplock Resort
Tragedy marred the 1st annual Water Polo Tournament this past week, sponsored by the Kingshead Chess Company, and held at the Liplock Fantasy Resort and Health Spa near Duluth, Minnesota. Four horses and their riders drowned after the horses collided head-on when the players were each trying to hit the ball with their mallets. Reports from the site indicated that the riders fell off the horses to the bottom of the lake, and then the animals fell on top of the riders, pinning them underneath. By the time the divers reached the scene it was too late for both man and beast. When told that water polo was not played the same as regular polo, the owner of the Chess Company, Mr. Alfred Kingshead said: “Next year’s event will be held in the Mojave Desert. We found something called a dry lake bed, whatever that is, to play our tournament in. We can’t afford to lose any more horses.”