Attention New Car and Newly Painted Car Owners!

Are you tired of being cussed out because you take up 2 or 3 parking spaces at the local shopping center? Are you fed up with having to walk what feels like a mile from where you park your vehicle to the doors of the mall? Do you lie awake most of the night worried about when that first scratch or ding will appear on your brand new or freshly painted car, truck or van? Well, fret no more! Wronco announces a brand new service for all you owners of new cars or newly painted ones! For a small fee, we will come to your location and put that first scratch or first ding on the vehicle for you! You choose the location of where you want the scratch or ding placed on your car or truck. No more worrying about something that is unavoidable because of a few dink brains that are not careful of how they push a shopping cart into your car, or the neighborhood kids having nothing better to do with their time. Let Wronco’s “Scratch & Ding” service take the worries away! Call 1-800-key-strokes to make an appointment. Operators are roaming your neighborhood now!

Smart Cars

There are smart phones, and now smart cars. Are we getting dumber as a species that some of our everyday devices are smarter than us? I hope not.
I am not one for small cars. I like plenty of leg and head room when I drive so I am comfortable. Mind you, I don’t like them gas guzzlers either, such as the Bummer; oops Hummer I mean. I call them “Bummers” because I would get bummed out over the price of fuel each time I had to fill the tank.
I remember when the first Honda Civic came out many years ago. To me, it looked like two motorcycles had been glued together. I used to joke with people about how some of those small Japanese cars were made out of recycled beer or soda cans. And if you open the glove box, you would find the pop-top.
I dated a girl once who had a small sports car. I had to go through the sun roof to get in and out of it.
On the plus side with the small cars, if you were not able to find a parking space, you could always carry it around with you.
Also, it is a good idea to have two of those small cars. If you had problems starting the car, or if you ran out of fuel, you could always strap one to each foot, put them in neutral, and use them as roller skates!
Have a good one!