Wronco Shopping Centre

Like some of our articles and other silly stuff? Then maybe you will like some of our articles of clothing and other good stuff too.

Visit our shopping cart site, Wronco Shopping Centre for t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, iPad/iPhone covers, and assorted other goodies. Different colors and styles are available. The designs below and others are now available to choose from. More will be available soon.

Thank you!


beldan_university_tshirt drink_burpee_cola_hoodie eyes_front_performance_dry_tshirt figment_of_imagination_mug mother_of_invention_shirt mousepad

Visit our sister blog site, The Family Xenormyn, to read more about Beldan University and the Planet Belda.

Shirts are available in different colors and sizes, for men and women. We have some available for children also.

Mugs, mouse pads, phone and tablet covers, plus assorted other goodies are also available. Many of the designs can be placed on them as well.

Please note: the shopping site is currently being hosted on cafepress.com. They set the prices; I only offer the product. My ultimate goal is to raise enough money to purchase the necessary equipment to print these items myself. Then I will be able to offer discounted pricing, or maybe even free stuff!

Thank you!

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