Wronco’s Do It Yourself Paint by Number Tattoo Kit

How many times have you gazed longingly in the window of your local tattoo parlor? Or, perhaps you have admired that tattoo on your favorite biker or your mom? But you never had the nerve to get one yourself because you are afraid of needles? Well, good news! Introducing Wronco’s NEW Do It Yourself Paint by Number Tattoo Kit! The Kit comes complete with 20 different Peal and Stick designs, including – “Mother”; a skull & cross bones; a heart; battleship; a teddy bear, and even a rose. It also includes 10 different color paints plus 5 brushes for applying the tattoo. Simply choose your favorite design, peel off the backing, then apply sticker to your body wherever you want the tattoo to be located. Then just follow the enclosed color chart for that design and paint your tattoo! Easy! It’s fun for the entire family! Plus, unlike tattoos applied with needles, these can be removed whenever you decide you no longer want it. Just apply some rubbing alcohol or your favorite beer to remove the tattoo. Buy a second Do It Yourself Kit and give it to a friend, your dad or mom, or the gang in the next neighborhood! So, run right out.. and hope you don’t have to keep running!