Music Review

Members of the early ’70s rock group, The Flaming Rugrats, performed a reunion concert this past week. The concert was played at the Bertha Smith Auditorium outside of Teaneck, NJ to a standing room only crowd of 150 people. Of course, the auditorium only holds 150 people, and the chairs had been misplaced anyway. The band, who’s members are now in their mid 60’s, and their only hits were “Kiss the Night Away” and their theme song “Rugrats Out of Hell”, played these as well as new material. The drummer, Freddy Katz, and the bass player, Joe “Slash” Myerson, seemed to play with the same intensity as they did 40 years ago. We asked to what they attributed their great play after all this time. “Slash” replied: “I don’t know about Fred. But me, I had a nervous twitch in my hand I couldn’t stop.”