On this date in history

Peter Cottontail was spotted in some seedy bar with Chicken Little. Rumor has it Mr. Cottontail conned Chicken into providing him with all the eggs he could gather from the local hen houses for Easter. Plus it is also rumored Mr.easter eggs Cottontail had setup a slave shop using marshmallow chicks to paint all the eggs. One of them claimed to be paid chicken feed wages.

Cooking with Edna

With today being Lent thus beginning the season for Easter, we thought we’d present to you now our infamous Easter dinner recipe. This way you will have plenty of time to gather one of the more important ingredients. Enjoy!

Easter Dinner Recipe: Rabbit Stew and Deviled Eggs
“Rabbit stew, huh? I’m still trying to figure out where the rabbit gets the eggs for Easter. Last I knew, rabbits don’t lay eggs. Besides, I hate rabbit stew. Can’t get the dang critter to sit still long enough to skin ’em. Then I got to chase him all over the house. I usually find him in the den, playing with the old adding machine on my husband’s desk.”