Contest Winners Announced

Newspaper “The National Harold-Gazette” and local radio station 666AM – KDVL, the All Commercials All the Time station, selected the two top winners of our recent “Name the Obscene Phone Caller” contest. Ms. Olga Fernstead and Mrs. Emily Johnson both correctly identified the obscene phone caller as Edward “Bongos” Lerner, former drummer for the late ’70’s rock band “The Back Alley Boys”. For their effort, Ms. Fernstead and Mrs. Johnson will each receive a gift certificate worth $12.14 good towards their next visit to the famous Liplock Fantasy Resort and Health Spa, located on the western shores of Lake Superior, near Duluth, Minnesota. At Liplock they will enjoy such cuisine as fresh Lobster, Prime Rib and the local favorite Roast Moose. Plus, sports such as tennis, golf, and the local favorite Hurling. For his participation in our contest, “Bongos” will enter drug rehabilitation, as he thought he was calling his own phone number and talking to his pet snake “Snake”.