Just an observation..

All in favor of Daylight Saving Time, raise your coffee mug! All opposed, yawn!
Me personally, I am opposed to the time change, he says with a big yawn. I think as we age it takes our body’s internal clock longer to adjust to the difference. Our bodies gradually are slower to respond, but unfortunately time keeps moving faster it seems.
All the changing of the clocks makes things a bit confusing when traveling cross country or overseas. Especially nowadays. Not all countries change their time when we do. Some countries no longer observe Daylight Saving Time.
Here in the US, I remember when many states had their own time zone. This was before time zones were defined. We would call grandma, who lived in North Carolina. Even though now NC is in the same zone as we were in New Jersey, back then grandma was a half hour behind us.
Traveling I-80 westward in the late 70’s. Talk about confusing. I got off the interstate at South Bend, IN. There was a clock on the toll booth. It showed a different time than was on my watch. I asked the attendant if it was correct; he said yes. I figured somewhere along the line my watch must have stopped, even though the second hand was moving. When I got to the hotel for the night, same thing. Not sure how long it took me, but eventually I remembered Indiana did not observe Daylight Saving Time. So I adjusted my watch to the new time. An hour loss.
There is a tiny section of northwest Indiana that is in the Central Time Zone. There were signs posted along the highway to inform the traveler of crossing into the different zone. As I drove into that part of the state I had to adjust my watch for the loss of another hour. Several miles later I crossed the state line into Illinois, which is also in Central time. But they do observe Daylight Saving Time, so I got one of those lost hours back.
Confused? Try running a business where one day your client is 5 hours behind you. The next day they are 6 hours behind you. You are ready to leave work, and their day is just beginning.
I have always been amazed by the differences in time across the planet. As I look at the time showing on my clock here, I know where my girl friend’s family lives in Russia, the sun will be setting soon. Meanwhile, it is already early Sunday 10 March in a few countries near the International Date Line.
How do you feel about the time change? Are you for it or against it?