Would you believe…

wind surfing

a new use for a beach umbrella?

Once, I was watching a person wind surfing in one of the nearby bays. From the distance something did not appear right. As the surfer approached the beach I realized he had no sail, but he did have spiked hair. Very high, very stiff spiked hair. I watched him as he surfed around the inside of the bay for a few minutes; all he needed to do was to turn his head to change directions. As he turned his head once again, a very strong gust of wind came along and quickly carried the surfer out to sea. A Coast Guard ship found him a few hours later laying exhausted on top of his board in calm waters. The surfer’s spiked hair had been bent in different angles, thus causing him to spin out of control.

Makin’ Bacon

One more true story. Again, this one takes place while I was a driving instructor back in New Jersey.
I, personally, plus with students driving, had driven down a country road numerous times and never paid much attention to the happenings at a local farm. One day, with a student driving, as we were passing this particular farm, I just happened to look over and seen something I was not expecting to see. You all have heard the term “makin’ bacon”, I’m sure. Well, as we went past the farm, that’s exactly what two hogs were doing; making bacon. Just curious though; would that have been called doing it “piggy style”? Talk about squealing! 😀

Nightmare on Main Street


man wearing tutu and tights

Can Rambo top this?

For those of you who remember watching the “Dumbo”.. oops, sorry, I mean “Rambo” movies. Specifically, the one where “Rambo” utters the line “I’m your worse nightmare.” Well, for me, he would not be my worse nightmare. Mine would be performing in a ballet as the male lead, having to catch a 400 pound person, wearing a tutu and tights, when they do their leap.
Can you say “Oh oh!” 😀

More Old Jokes

For some reason when I was younger, elephant jokes used to be very popular. Among people I mean, not the elephants. But then again, who knows what kind of sense of humor an elephant has.
Um, anyways.. There is one elephant joke I still remember from time to time, and it goes like this:
Oh, one more thing.. I am not the person responsible for writing them either, so don’t blame me. 😀

Q: Why is it dangerous to walk in the jungle between 3 and 5 in the afternoon?
A: That’s when elephants are jumping out of trees.
Q: Why are pygmies so short?
A: Because they were walking in the jungle between 3 and 5 in the afternoon.

I did not say they were all funny jokes. I just said they were popular for some reason. And don’t ask me why I remember this particular joke either. My brain works in mysterious ways; when it does work that is. 😀

Would you believe…

I went to one of the local seafood markets for the first time. Among the displays of the usual supposedly “fresh” catches, they also had the tanks for lobsters and crabs. Near the end was a third tank; it was labeled “Fresh Imitation Krab” with fake crabs floating inside.

crab smoking cigarette

Smoked Crab?

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I THANK YOU VERY MUCH, kalabalu.wordpress.com, for being one of your nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am honored; it was not expected. Especially after only being at this blogging thing for 2 months.
The rules for this award state that I must nominate 15 bloggers; see the list below. They are to be notified of the nomination and Award requirements. They, in turn, are to nominate 15 bloggers for this award, and pass along the same rules and requirements.
The rules also state the need to display the award’s logo on your blog:very inspiring blogger award
And finally, to state 7 things about yourself.

In no particular order, my 15 nominees are as follows:

1. Eye Dancers
2. Ned’s Blog
3. Momus News
4. The Return of the Modern Philosopher
5. charlottecarrendar
6. Cristian Mihai
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15. I Didn’t Have My Glasses On

Best of luck to you all. I wish I could nominate more as well. You are all deserving.

And least but not last, for the seven things about me (serious & silly, you choose):

1. if it was not for my sense of humor i think i would go crazy.
A. i enjoy traveling, meeting new people and seeing new places.
-4. my grandfather ran moonshine when he was a youngin’.
IV. i can be a very literal person, so be careful 😀 .
5. i am not as old as i used to be.
Q. i have always wanted to visit europe and russia.
VII. i am very much in love with my girl friend. she keeps me sane.

Again, I am humbled. Many thanks, kalabalu.

Have a great one, everybody! 🙂

Sung to the tune of..

Okay, first of all, this song parody is not my doing, so don’t blame me. This was originally done back in the early ’60s.
I was reminded of it, unfortunately, while visiting with my younger sister and her family. Her youngest daughter and her soon-to-be 1 year old grandson live with her. The baby, his name is Mason, has a toy which, when he hits a button on it, plays part of a tune. One of the tunes is an old folk song called “On Top of Old Smoky”. Back around 1963 someone had the idea of writing and performing a parody of that song, titled “On Top of Spaghetti”. Thus the unfortunate part of this story. That song is now stuck in my head. Someone please help me get it out! Aaarrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Enjoy! 😀

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/fDUoyXcU1Pk&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>