Thought for the Day

Faster than a speeding bullet?

starship enterprise

Starship enterprise at warp speed,
image found on google

So let’s see.. we have “air” speed; “land” speed; “linear” speed; we also have the speed of sound, plus the speed of light. And maybe even faster-than-light speed  (or warp speed) some day. Of all of these different speeds, is “god” speed faster or slower than any of them? And, where do I find that on my gear shift?

Mr. Spock’s Mind Meld

Recently I was watching an old “Star Trek” episode. In this one, Spock did his famous “mind meld” on another person; a human. Which got me to thinking.. With Mr. Spock being half human and half Vulcan, could he have done a mind meld with himself? While “melding”, would he have exposed all his suppressed emotions and desires? Perhaps something such as “Oh, baby, you are looking fine. I want some of that.” Or perhaps “Hey, pass that bong over this way!” Or maybe even “Yo, dude, check this out!” I guess we will never know.