Sung to the tune of..

Okay, first of all, this song parody is not my doing, so don’t blame me. This was originally done back in the early ’60s.
I was reminded of it, unfortunately, while visiting with my younger sister and her family. Her youngest daughter and her soon-to-be 1 year old grandson live with her. The baby, his name is Mason, has a toy which, when he hits a button on it, plays part of a tune. One of the tunes is an old folk song called “On Top of Old Smoky”. Back around 1963 someone had the idea of writing and performing a parody of that song, titled “On Top of Spaghetti”. Thus the unfortunate part of this story. That song is now stuck in my head. Someone please help me get it out! Aaarrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Enjoy! 😀

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Sung to the tune of..

wake up little susie

Vinyl 45rpm recording of the song

(sung to the tune of “Wake up Little Susie”)
(with sincerest apologies to Don and Phil Everly)
Woke Up With a Doozy

“Woke up with a doozy, woke up,
Woke up with a doozy, woke up,
The movie wasn’t so hot
So we smoked up all the pot,
Our heads are hurtin’ and it’s for certain
That we are gonna get caught,
Woke up with a doozy,
Woke up with a doozy;
Well, what’ll we tell your mama,
What’ll we tell your pop,
He’s loadin’ the shotgun and chasin’ me,
I hope I don’t get shot;
Woke up with a doozy,
Woke up with a doozy;”

um, you get the idea 😀

Sung to the tune of..

(sung to the tune of the Oscar Mayer “Bologna” song)
(with apologies to Arnold the Pig)
“My bologna has a first name
It’s A-R-N-O-L-D,
My bologna has a last name
It’s T-H-E P-I-G,
Oh, I love to eat it every day,
And if you ask me why, I say
‘cuz Oscar Fryer had a way
With a pig’s DNA;”

Arnold the Pic

Arnold the Pig, from the old TV show, “Green Acres”.

Sung to the tune of…

sort of..
Old cowboy songs.. my twisted version 😛

“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, and watch all the mess you’ll have to clean up..”

“Home, home for the strange,
Where the freaks and the weirdos all play,
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word,
And everyone is rowdy all day;”

Sung to the Tune of…

Looking around the local stores lately I am reminded St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us soon. So, for all the Irish in us, I present my warped version of “My Wild Irish Rose”.. well, the chorus part anyways.. I figured it was silly enough as is.. maybe one day I will complete the song.. in the meantime, have fun!

sung to the tune of “My Wild Irish Rose”; the chorus part:
(with apologies to C. Olcott)
“My wild Irish Rose,
She tripped and stubbed her toes,
She fell on her face
But did it with such grace,
She’s my wild Irish Rose;”