Magic Shop Disappears

Owner Consults Psychic for Help
In what at first appeared to be a bizarre case, Madeline’s Magic Shop and Ice Cream Parlor was reported missing two days ago. The owner, Madam Madaline Madison, told us she could not remember doing any incantations that would have caused the disappearance. “I had an exorcism to perform that morning, which took me longer than expected, and made me about three hours late to open the store for business. But when I got there the building was gone,” she told us. “A friend of mine, who is a psychic, was supposed to help me look for it. But she had a very bad head cold, and could only tell me that I will soon meet a handsome stranger and fall in love with him. So I went to the police. No, not to report my friend. When I got there they told me my store had been demolished. All of the land in that area is going to be cleared to make way for a new mall. Then I remembered all the people who kept coming into my shop telling me I had to move. I did not like them, so I turned them all into bullfrogs. When they build the mall, I think I’ll open up a pet store. I’ll have a grand opening sale of bullfrogs. Hey, mister, you want one?”