Speaking of “Star Trek”…

For those of you who still are or were fans of the various Star Trek television series, do you remember the species known as Ferengi? I’m curious as to how the person who created their “heads” came up with that shape. I mean, after all, when you take a real good look at the Ferengi head shape, it looks a lot like the shape of a butt. So then, is it possible, could the Ferengi be the true definition of the phrase “butt head”? Do you think maybe they were the “butt” of many jokes around their part of the galaxy? 😀

Mr. Spock’s Mind Meld

Recently I was watching an old “Star Trek” episode. In this one, Spock did his famous “mind meld” on another person; a human. Which got me to thinking.. With Mr. Spock being half human and half Vulcan, could he have done a mind meld with himself? While “melding”, would he have exposed all his suppressed emotions and desires? Perhaps something such as “Oh, baby, you are looking fine. I want some of that.” Or perhaps “Hey, pass that bong over this way!” Or maybe even “Yo, dude, check this out!” I guess we will never know.