Television Review

“Religion with Aaron Johnstone”
Here’s one program that has all the makings of a three ring circus. Except that it is television ministry. The worst part was you couldn’t tell the difference. During the introductions of the supporting cast I could swear there was a clown in the show. Turns out it was Rev. Johnstone’s wife wearing a bright red wig of really big hair, and about a half ton of makeup. After the intros, the good reverend himself comes out onto the stage riding an albino moose, followed by a small child with a pooper scooper. I half expected a peanut vendor roaming through the studio audience. In tonight’s so called sermon, Rev. Johnstone tried to convince, or should I say con, the audience into sending him all their hard earned money. Which is nothing new. This time, according to Aaron, it was because God had gotten involved in a high stakes poker game against the Devil. And if God loses, then the Devil will be calling Aaron home. I, for one, hope that jokers are wild.