Nude Drawings of Martha Washington Found on Mt. Vernon Estate

Believed to have been drawn by George before going off to war.
During excavation of a site near the home of our country’s first president, an underground cave was found. Inside the cave, workers found an assortment of items believed to date back to the days of the Revolutionary War. Since the cave is near the home of George Washington, speculation is that the items belonged to him and his wife Martha. Among the items were pieces of clay pots, an empty steamer trunk, four sets of wooden teeth, termite killer, and several drawings of Martha. In a few of the drawings she had posed in a provocative manner without any clothes. The director of the local Hysterical Society, Mary Prudence, was brought in to authenticate the items. When we asked her about the drawings, she replied: “I would say George had a little too much free time on his hands before the start of the war. One can only guess how he was able to convince Martha to pose for these pictures. Maybe this is why all those signs are posted. You know the ones saying ‘George Washington slept here’.”