“Music is playing inside my head..”


A very old, and very bad, joke:
Q: Why did grandpa put wheels on his rocking chair?
A: So he could rock and roll.

Um, anyways..
I have to admit, I am a hippie at heart. Although now, I will also admit, an aging one. While listening to some old rock music earlier today I was wondering something.. When Mick Jagger sings in concert nowadays, do his lips generate a gust of wind that blows over the crowd? Sorry, Mick. Jest kidding.
And to everyone else, sorry no, that’s not what I was wondering. Well, partly maybe 😀


record cover of Manfred-Mann—Do-Wah-Diddy

As we grow older, is there some unwritten rule somewhere that states we have to change the type of music we listen to, or what kind of books we read, or movies we watch? I remember growing up, some friends of my parents would tell me they used to listen to certain types of music when they were my age. But as they got older, they began to listen to different stuff. Sort of going from listening to the likes of Tommy Dorsey and company to Tony Bennett and friends. And that was fine, since I did not really know who any of those people were at the time. I grew up with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and some other funky type music. Can you imagine these days someone walking down the street actually singing the words “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”. Actually, whoever would be singing that would probably be considered sane compared to some of the other so-called music you hear.
I still enjoy listening to the Stones and Beatles, even Pink Floyd and Rush, to name a few. And I do enjoy listening to some of the newer rock music as well. So please tell me I do not have to change my music habits to Michael Buble or something worse as I get older.
But I have also wondered, would the phrase “the boys are back in town” have to be changed to “the men are back in town”?
And for the females of the species, at what age is it required we go from calling you a girl to referring to you as a lady or a woman? No matter the age, aren’t you all still “girls” at heart? (Notice I did not say “little”.) Which would you prefer?

picture record

this is a 78rpm vinyl record with an image pressed onto the vinyl. and yes, it can be played. my parents had one similar.

78rpm vinyl record

78rpm vinyl record