Elvis Spotted Working at M&M’s® Candy Factory

Wears Blue Rhinestone Studded Jumpsuit to Work as Disguise
A worker at the M&M’s® candy company in Hackettstown, NJ was tentatively identified as the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The person making this discovery was none other than our beloved editor’s wife, Mrs. Edna Schirkner. When asked about this latest sighting of the King, Mrs. Schirkner told us: “A bunch of us from our church, the Church of the Holy Smoke, went on a trip to tour the place. They was supposed to give us free samples of the different candy they make. I got off the bus first. While I was waitin’ for everybody else to get off the bus, I was lookin’ ’round. They wouldn’t let us go too far, though. They was afraid we’d get lost or somethin’, I guess. Anyhow, I seen this big blue thing standin’ by the side of the road. It looked all sparkly-like, and looked like it didn’t have much hair on top. I tried to get closer to get a better look. But since I couldn’t leave the group, I finally put my glasses on. Turned out it was just somebody wearing a costume to look like the blue M&M® peanut candy. He was standin’ on the side of the road wavin’ to the cars that drove by.”