dark star publishing with its satirical newspaper “The National Harold-Gazette” is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. Come along for the ride as the staff and crew of the Gazette reminisce about the good ol’ days of the paper’s beginning to the present day. And just maybe you will be able to take a peek as to what is in store for the future as well. Reconnect with familiar characters from the Gazette – Morris the Albino Moose; our cooking editor Edna Schirkner; and our ever popular the 3 naked Eskimo ladies. Share the fun and laughter as we poke fun at everyone and everything, from Oprah to the Pope, politicians and regular folk. Our motto is “There are no sacred cows; only barbecued ones!”

So grab a copy of “The National Harold-Gazette” and have some fun. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a 6 pack of your favorite beer as well. You might need it to help understand some of the jokes. They’ve been known to be like the roof of a building; completely going over some people’s heads.

“The National Harold-Gazette”, ‘all the news that was never fit to print in the first place!’

unless marked otherwise, all material posted on this site is copyright 1993 – 2013 dark star publishing. all rights reserved. may not be reprinted in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. unless indicated otherwise, all images have been found on google.com.

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