The Warped Version of the “Vampire Diaries”

13 august.. today, mom let me bite my first victim by myself.. i think i picked the wrong person though.. his blood tasted like he just ate a large garlic pizza.

17 august.. dad is going to be upset with me if he finds out i broke curfew.. i was out when the sun came up, and the only building i could hide in had all these shiny cross shaped things all over the place.. it made me feel strange and i had to find another place to hide.. i won’t break curfew again, that’s for sure.

29 august.. my punishment for breaking curfew is finally over.. being stuck inside that mausoleum was so boring.. and i couldn’t even talk to any of my friends on the phone.. not because dad said i wasn’t allowed.. for some reason most of them sleep during the night.. weird.


Uncle Drac on one of his dates

5 september.. family night tonight.. mom made popcorn with peanuts for us to eat while watching a movie.. it was called “Dracula”.. dad says the movie is a true story about a great uncle of ours who lived in a place called Transylvania.. i hope we can visit him one day.. so cool to have someone famous in our family.. wait until i tell the gang at school.

14 september.. dad was very upset and all out of breath when he got home from work this morning.. i heard him tell mom a couple of psychos tried to make him eat a steak, so he flew away from them as fast as he could.. i would like to try a steak some time.. a couple of my friends have said they’ve eaten them before and they are good.. i’m tired of chicken and fish all the time.. i want something different to eat.

gotta go.. mom’s making me sharpen my teeth.. she says dental hygiene is good for the family.. so i guess i will write more later.

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