So, here’s a couple of questions for you..

total recallI just finished watching, for the Nth time, the original “Total Recall” movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1990. And don’t ask me why; I know I’ve seen it several times before. Actually, I did not really watch it. I was more so listening to it while doing a few other things on the computer. It wasn’t until the final scenes when Arnold’s character “Quaid” and Rachel Ticotin’s character “Melina” were in a shootout with the police/military people inside the Martian reactor area, that I began to pay attention to the movie.
Anyways, “Quaid” has a device on his wrist that generates a current holographic image of himself. The hologram walks into a gathering of about 10 or more police who surround and start shooting at it/him. As they are shooting at the image the leader of the squad looks puzzled, not understanding why they are not killing “Quaid”. Of course, once the shooting stops and the image starts to fade out, he knows why. Now, I’m no scientist nor do I know much about how holograms work. But, if it is nothing but an image they were shooting at, wouldn’t the bullets have passed through the image and struck the soldiers on the opposite side, thus killing them? If so, why did that not happen? I did not see one soldier fall during the shootout.

There is another question I have. More of a silly one this time.pale rider
It has to do with a different movie; this one from Mr. Clint Eastwood, Pale Rider from 1985. In one of the scenes from this movie, the two main female characters – the mother, “Sarah Wheeler”, played by the late Carrie Snodgrass; the daughter, “Megan Wheeler”, played by Sydney Penny – are talking. Megan has been grooming herself, brushing her hair and such while her “mother” is preparing a meal. When she finishes with her hair, “Megan” turns to her “mother” and asks: “How do I look?” To which the “mother” replies: “You are the prettiest daughter I could ever have.” So does that mean, if “Sarah” were to have other daughters, would they all be ugly? I mean I’m just asking. It sounds like she is giving her future daughters an inferiority complex, and they ain’t even born yet!

What do you think?


2 comments on “So, here’s a couple of questions for you..

  1. “You are the prettiest daughter I could ever have.”
    Of course she’d say accurately THIS line to every daughter she’d have. This is like answering to a question, that was not spoken to receive an answer at all. It’s rhetorical babble. 😉

    Oh, and the shooting at Arnie, like Kalabalu said, it’s just a movie. Everything is possible. Maybe holograms WOULD have a temporary physical structure additional to the pure optical effect. Look at Startrek, the holodeck is not restricted to generate pure light. All generated things can also be touched and moved. Finally, they are both fairytales, Startrek and Total Recall. Oh, I love this weird movie world…………. 🙂

  2. is a its a fantasy..and not a reality..normally they also shoot zombies and creatures/mummies from the dark side,,who actually are nothing more than spirits ..devoid of any mass/ shooting them is firing shots at the air..

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