A New Pope

Pope Francis

image found on gurgle, oops.. i mean google

Maybe some of you have also seen this.. Yesterday, while perusing some of the pages on Yahoo, there was an ad sponsored by newsmax.com. (I would not click on anything of theirs for any reason. But hey, that’s my opinion.) Anyways.. It had a picture of Pope Francis with the lines “Do You Approve of The New Pope?” and “Vote Now”. The last time I checked, I was not a Cardinal nor a Bishop, and neither was I part of the Papal Conclave that elected Pope Francis. So whether or not I approve of the new pope does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Besides, I am probably in enough hot water as it is with God from all the satirical stuff I’ve written about religion and previous popes. So of course I approve of His Holiness. Why should I risk being hit with even more lightning bolts.
Which brings me to this thought: Since we are all considered children of God, is being Pope part of a family business that gets handed down from one generation to the next?

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