Cooking with Edna

Today’s Recipe: Road Kill Stew
with special guest Chef Ramsay
“What do you mean ‘special guest’? Who the heck is Chief Ramsey?”
“Say what? He’s famous? For what?”
“Chef? What the heck is a ‘chef’?” Sounds to me like some fancy word to get paid extra money for cookin’ up a batch of fresh catfish.”
“He does what? He goes around yellin’ at all the other chefs? Well, heck. If he thinks he’s gonna do that to me, he’s got another think comin’. Where’s my shotgun? He tries yellin’ at me I’ll fill that sucker’s butt so full of buckshot he’ll wish he stayed home instead.”
Stay tuned for the next episode of Cooking with Edna when her special guest will be Guy Fieri.
Guy: “Hey! No thanks! I’m not going anywhere near Edna.”

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