Advertisement – Cold Turkey Brand

Howdy, folks. The former Marlboro man here. Have you been trying to quit smoking but keep getting roped back into it? Are you tired of your 200mm long cigarette breaking before you were able to smoke half of it? Tried one of those electronic cigarettes, but you can’t get a long enough power cord for when you mow the lawn? Well looky here, we got some good news for ya. Announcing Cold Turkey Brand’s Stop Smoking Kit. With Cold Turkey, you can light up one of the fake cigarettes just like a real one. As soon as you light one up, that smell of burning mushroom soil takes over. Why, you’ll be barfin’ up your guts quicker than you can whistle “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)”. You will never want another cigarette again.
And for those of you trying to quit drinking, look for Cold Turkey Brand’s non-alcholic beer and whiskey too. Made from the same fine quality ingredients as the real stuff, but without the taste.


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