Where’s my car?

Walking through the parking lot towards the store I thought I heard someone talking to me. I looked around only to find nobody nearby. But I still heard a voice not too far away calling out. “Okay, I’m hearing things,” I think to myself. I listen closely and realize the “voice” is a recorded one. It repeats itself for about a minute. I look in the direction from which the voice was coming. It was the backup alarm on a vehicle. The owner had installed one that would call out about the car being in reverse and for anyone walking behind it to be careful. “Cool,” I thought to myself. Then I had another thought.. It would be even cooler if there was a programmable backup alarm. One that you can have call out “GET OUT OF THE WAY, MORON!” Or perhaps, “Move a little faster, will ya!”

Walking back to my vehicle after completing my mission inside the store, I had another thought. How many of you have had that occasion or two when waving handyou forgot where you parked your vehicle? Some of those parking lots are so huge you would need a GPS to find your car or truck. Instead, you hit that little button on the key fob several times to set off the horn or alarm to help guide you through the maze of parked vehicles. So then, why not with the alarm or horn, you have a foam or plastic hand that pops up and waves to you to help you find your vehicle. Maybe that can be programmable as well to say something such as “I’M OVER HERE!” as the hand is waving.

Oh, and one more thought.. If anyone reading this should successfully develop either of these ideas, just remember.. My ideas, so we split the profits. 😛


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