Chocolate Cheesecake Day

There is a web site I use almost daily for sending an ecard to my girl friend. I will send her something romantic, or something fun especially when she is having a rough day. The site is called 123Greetings. Now, mind you, this is not to promote the site, but I do admit they have some terrific ecards.
With International Women’s Day approaching this Friday, I wanted to see what cards they have available for that day. Along with Women’s Day they also have cards available for – yes, you guessed it – Chocolate Cheesecake Day, which is today, according to their site. I never even knew there was such a day; did you?
As you go through the 123Greetings site you will find a calendar of past and upcoming special days. How many of you celebrated Pig Day on 1 March; other than eating a meal comprised of some form of pork meat? On 14 March there is “Pi” Day; I’m guessing for all the mathematicians of the world. There is also Hot Tub Day on 28 March. I’m game; let’s chill the ol’ bubbly for that one, eh?
The month of April is being called “Humor Month”. Considering April begins with April’s Fool Day, plus the first week of the month has been declared Laugh Week per the site’s event calendar, Humor Month makes sense. Most of the other special days for next month I have no clue how to pronounce.
The month of May gets off to a great start with Naked Day on the 4th. Followed by Frog Jumping Day on the 13th. I’m imagining that day to be celebrated with frog jumping contests around the world. Winner gets all the flies it can eat; loser gets eaten.
There is one holiday I have always been curious about. We here in the states celebrate Columbus Day on 12 October. In the meantime, our neighbors to the north celebrate their Thanksgiving Day. I have always wondered if Canadians are thankful Columbus did not step foot on their soil. 😀
Have a great day, and do not eat all the cheesecake at once!

chocolate cheesecake ecard

One of the Chocolate Cheesecake Day ecards


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