Contest Winners Announced

This newspaper and local radio station 666AM – KDVL, the All Commercials All the Time station, selected the two top winners of our newest “Name the Obscene Phone Caller” contest. Fred Twerther and Mrs. Ernestine Bolger both correctly identified the obscene phone caller as multi millionaire real estate mogul Michael “Blowhard” Bluffman from the great state of New York. For their effort, Mrs. Bolger and Mr. Twerther will each receive a gift certificate worth $13.00 good towards their next visit to the new Homer Simpson Hotel Casino and Yogurt Shop, located just off the famous strip outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only will they have the opportunity of winning big at the many gaming tables, they will also enjoy such entertainment as Bowling for Empty Beer Cans and Simpson Miniature Golf, featuring all the Simpson characters chasing you around the course. For his participation in our contest, Mr. Bluffman will receive a new Monopoly Millionaire board game. The game that makes you feel like you are worth something.

(please note: neither the creators of the Simpsons or the Monopoly game are aware of this. so please.. ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)


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