“The hills are alive.. “

..but not with the sound of music.
I was just visiting the blog site http://brunchforeverymeal.com/, reading Dara’s post “LA Woman”. First, I want to wish her well and much luck with her trip, plus when she gets to the City of Angels.
While reading her post, it brought back a few memories of my time on the left coast many years ago. One in particular of when I was in the LA area. I was working for one of those crews going door to door trying to sell something most people did not want to buy. Anyways.. One day, several of us decided we did not want to start work just yet. It was still relatively early in the day, and we did not want to disturb too many people that early. Instead, we decided to take a trip to the Griffith Observatory and check out all the displays they had. It was very cool. For those of you unfamiliar with the Los Angeles area, the observatory is on a hilltop. If you have ever seen a picture of the famous Hollywood sign, the observatory is just above it. From that height, you can see almost the entire city; on a clear day that is.
We also decided to take a closer look at the Hollywood sign itself. From the amount of graffiti on the letters, we were not the first. Yes, we climbed down the side of the hill to the letters themselves. And no, I do not remember how tall they were. I do remember we were able to stand inside of the “O’s”, with plenty of headroom to spare. I also remember while there, a few of us decided to drop our pants and moon the city. Unless somebody just happened to have a telescope or a pair of binoculars trained on the sign at that point in time, no one saw us. But it was fun just the same. 😛


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