The Oldest Trick in the Book

According to Wrinkley’s Believe It or Who Cares, Mr. Irving Findley is now the oldest man on record as having visited a prostitute. Mr. Findley celebrated his 127th birthday last week at a local brothel. The owner of the brothel, Madam Lucille LaFarge, plus a few of the girls who work there, greeted Mr. Findley with open arms and open robes as he was rolled through the doors. Also waiting for Mr. Findley was a medical emergency team with a defibrillator and ambulance ready just in case. After the “party” was finished, we asked Mr. Findley how it felt to set a new world’s record. His reply was: “I couldn’t find my false teeth anywhere. All that food was tough for me to chew. I had to gum everything.”


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