UFO Spotted Over Texas

A UFO was seen recently flying over parts of the state of Texas. Eyewitness reports came from El Paso, Houston, and the Fort Worth-Dallas areas. One report from Houston had stated that “the cigar-shaped object appeared to hover above the Space Center for several minutes before heading eastward.” Officials from the Space Center, of course, denied that this occurred. In El Paso, twin cousins Billy Ray Rodriquez and John-Boy Yamaguchi claim that the space ship landed in a field near their home. “We heard this high-pitched noise. Sounded like a pig squealin’. But, my cousin John-Boy reminded me that there ain’t any pigs nearby. Then, there was this real bright light started shinin’ from the sky and the noise got louder. So we ran out the house to go look. When we got outside we saw this big round object flying low over the trees. As it got closer we could see a picture of an albino moose painted on the bottom of the spacecraft. Then the thing finally landed in the abandoned cornfield near the house. After a few minutes a door opened up, and these three creatures come walkin’ down the ramp. John-Boy and me was startin’ to get all excited about being able to meet some folks from outa space finally. I’d been dreaming ’bout that most my life. We couldn’t see what theys looked like at first since it was so dark outside. But as theys got closer we could tell theys was real ugly. John-Boy shined his flashlight at ’em. When we seen what theys looked like, we got real scared. Theys looked like three naked Eskimo women. We both turned around and ran back to the house screamin’ and hollerin’ for help.” Officials at the Space Center denied any of this ever took place. Though one official did have a silly grin on his face for some time.

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