Letter to the Editor

Deer Editor: I am righting writing to complane about all the pot on my street. Oops, I mean potholes. O course, why they are called potholes is beyond me. Ever time i seen one it never look like a pot to me. Anyhoo, ever year is the same thing, the pavement cracks and comes apart. And then the broken peaces get scattered all over the place and you wind up with dad gum holes in the road. And it seems like the road crews don’t bother fixin em til the summer. My car has run over so many of the blasted things that its all bent and crocked crooked. Why just the other day i ran over a real big one over on maple street. If it werent fer the homeless family living in there my car woulda fell in it. So, anyways, thats why i am writin this here letter. Yours trudy, Fred Smith.


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