Wronco’s Scents Just for Men

Hey guys! Have you ever had one of those awkward moments when you walk into a store and you see a bunch of your buddies. And when they ask what you’ve been up to, you feel embarrassed to tell them you were doing something romantic for your wife or girlfriend. How about this; you are late getting back to the office from your lunch break because of that afternoon fling with the hot secretary in the next building. And of course you definitely do not want anyone to find out about that. Want to have them think you were working out instead? Well, good news! Announcing Wronco’s new line of specially formulated fragrances just for men! Available in both deodorant and cologne. Fragrances such as Rocky’s Gym Locker Room, Spike’s Auto Repair Shop, Farmer Brown’s Cow Manure, and many others. Now, anytime you think you will face an awkward moment with your friends and/or colleagues, just quickly spray on your favorite fragrance and no one will suspect what you have really been up to. Call now and order our special 6 pack of fragrances, and we will include a beat up old gym bag to carry around with you. It will look like you have actually been doing something other than what you actually were doing. Order now; call 1-844-STINKER. Operators are standing by at arm’s length.


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