Olde Jokes, but still lots of fun…

For those of you who read the post “True Story”, especially the part about playing practical jokes, here are a few you might want to try. They made be oldies, but they are still certainly goodies.

Please note: Before playing any practical joke, it is advisable to have as much of a straight face as possible, or it won’t work.

1. When someone asks you if you know what time it is, look at your watch (or whatever device you use for telling time), tell them “Yes I do”, then turn and walk away. (I know; not an original, but can still be fun on the unsuspecting person.)

2. Update of an old joke:

Send a text message to someone saying “Please ignore first message.” A few minutes or more later, send them another message saying “How come I haven’t heard from you?”

3. You go into a store. One of the workers ask if they can help you. You look at them square in the eye and ask “Are you a psychiatrist?” More than likely the answer will be “No”. To which you reply, “Then you can’t help me”, then turn around and walk away.


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