True story

I have been blessed, I guess you could say, with an ability to look at a person and know almost immediately how good of a sense of humor they have. For me this especially comes in handy as I like to play a good practical joke or say something completely off the wall that most people would not expect. Unless they know me well .

I was a behind the wheel driving teacher for a number of years. About 80% of the students I taught were 16 and 17 year old. Believe it or not, they were not the scariest drivers. It was the adults I had to be more concerned with. And by the way, my only “dual-control” was a brake on my side of the car. The student was controlling the vehicle at all times during the lesson.

Occasionally I would talk with the parents of the student. With almost all of the parents, a comment they would always make about my being a driving teacher was either “You must have the patience of a saint” or “Don’t you ever get scared or nervous?” My answer to most of them, as long as I was able to tell they had a good sense of humor was: “No, not really. It’s from all the drugs I take before the lesson.” 😀


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